Aquarium, by Marpi

Aquarium, by Marpi


Aquarium is an experiment, by international artist Marpi, in organic procedural generation, visually inspired by the ornate, spiny beauty of lionfish, the merged flora-and-fauna qualities of seadragons, and the hypnotic patterns of cuttlefish.

Tentacles and feelers reach out to and around digital avatars, mapped by Kinect sensors; as audiences touch the forms, the forms touch back. Each gesture triggers a real-time, generative composition, mixed seamlessly from two hours of original music.

This mix of inputs — time, algorithms, people tracking — becomes a dance and a soundtrack, playfully co-created on both sides of the screen.


  • Brought by: D2D Art for the first time in Egypt
  • Programming / Visual Art: Marpi
  • Sound design: Bent Stamnes
  • Documentation: Ahmed Sarhan, Alexa Melo, Lorena Borello
  • Event: Maadi Art Fest, NWT House
  • Cathegory: Interactive art, Immersive art, generative art, procedural art