D2D presented, with the support of Institut français d’Égypte: Synesthésie

Synesthésie is initially the fruit of a month long experimentaion and collaboration born from a vision by D2D flounder to bring together disciplines in a concert of voices dialogue and harmonious connections.
It is an audiovisual dance collaboration fuelled by passion of experimenting and exploring how different forms of art entwine and create multi-sensory, mind challenging experiences.
The live experimental multidisciplinary and collaborative performance premiered on Friday, December 13th in NWT House as part of Maadi Art Fest.


  • Creative Direction, Production: D2D Art
  • Event: Maadi Art Festival 2019, Cairo, Egypt
  • Visuals: Oilhack
  • Music: Fadi Abu Alteeb, Weam Ismael
  • Dance: Agni Tzvete, Odna Creative
  • Documentation / Photo: Hassan Amin, Ahmed Sarhan, Utopia Media
  • In Collaboration with: NWT House
  • With the support of: the French Institute Egypte
  • Category: Live art performance, Audiovisual art experience, Experimental art, Immersive art


Visual Art:

Oilhack (France) – Oilhack’s creations are an alchemy of colors, materials, textures and alloy of energies that come together to create sensational universes powered by imagination and inspired by nature!


Fadi Abo Alteeb (Syria) – Fadi is a Syrian Oud Player who moved to Egypt at 2012 to study at Bait Aloud Academy. He founded Mazaj band at 2015 and continues to experiment with different sounds and genres as well as use the live Oud sounds in meditation and yoga sessions.

Weam Ismael (Egypt)- Weam is an Egyptian singer, music composer, lyrics writer and director. Inspired by Egypt’s exotic nature, Weam’s sounds are fusion of electro and oriental sounds reflecting his approach to Egypt’s nature and translating it in music and lyrics.


Agni Tzvete (Bulgaria) – Agni Tzvete has traveled extensively both in the outer and the inner world only to discover that life is a never ending journey and no matter how purposeful it may seem at times it has no inherent meaning and no goal, it is a play – a leela. Combining the wisdom of the North with the passion of the South, the depths from the West with the inspirations from the East, she has arranged a unique bouquet of flowers of life wisdom and awareness with willingness to gift to anyone who is ready to accept such a present.
Born in Bulgaria, with master’s degree in International Relations from Denmark and England, she worked 10 years as a political activist in Africa. After a great disillusionment about the world we live in, she explored the inner realms of existence in a search for the ultimate freedom. During her living in Work as Meditation program at the Osho International Meditation Resort in India, Agni took sannyas – a spiritual initiation that triggered a powerful process of transformation in her – physically, mentally and emotionally. She then rooted her new born self back into this earth through shamanic journeys deep into the Amazon jungle and by remembering the whispers of the ancients from the great Andean region. The path led her to Egypt – the land that is an epiphany of her love, her faith and her passions.

ODNA (Poland) –  Odna is a movement artist, director/choreographer and a healing guide whose work focuses on reconnecting humanity with the Earth and Cosmic origin through body awareness. Her performance credits include MoMa PS1, NYC fashion Week, Luma Festival, Dixon Place theater, Moniker Art Fair, Got To Dance TV show to name a few. Over a course of 5 years, based on a life-long movement research and a professional dance training in New York City Odna has created a S.E.Movement Method, which helps reconnect with a body on a somatic level and open to our intuitive potential. While fulfilling her artistic mission of self expression and igniting a Revolution through Evolution in film, live performance and human art installations, she shares her healing gifts in private and group settings. Her healing abilities have been professionally explored in the USA and expanded in Egypt where she has been a diligent student of Shahrzad Awyan in Biomagnetic Touch healing method and sacred Khemetology school. As a traveling artist she follows aligning opportunities and creative wok invitations.