Live Painting and Immersive Workshops

Live Painting and Immersive Workshops


This unique immersive and experiential art workshop was provided for kids between the age of 4 years old and 12 years old over 2 days.

The idea was to introduce young audiences to visual arts in a way that would be exploratory, hands-on, immersive and collaborative by essence. While one participant was creative organic art live with the artist Oilhack, others in the room were given the role of both spectators watching the art evolve and actors moving within the painting, as little actors on a stage and evolving visual set. What often happened is that an unspoken dialogue and form of communication was triggered between the visual artist of the moment creating live and the performers on stage responding to the scene as well as triggering effects with the vsual artist also adapting to their movement in a very natural organic fluid way.


  • Brought by: D2D Art for the first time in Egypt
  • Visuals: Oilhack
  • Venue and Education partner: AFCA Art Center
  • Documentation, Photo and Video: Ahmed Sarhan
  • Cultural Institute partner and support: French Institute Egypt
  • Category: Arts Education, Art Experimentation, Art Collaboration, Children and Art, Live Art, Organic Art