Tagtool Live Performance Series

Tagtool Live Performance Series


These performances were presented over three days to the general public attending MISK Art Fair 2019.

The performance were based around the Art Week theme of “Experimentation” and were presented live in an experimental format whereby styles from various artists blended into one immersive artscape (abstract and figurative art, with artists selected from three different continents: Europe the Middle East and America)


  • Creative Production: D2D Art, ACS, Tagtool
  • Artists: Josef Dorninger, Dieter Puntingam
  • Other featured art content: Rimiyoho (Mexican visual artist), Kareem Mrghani (Saudi based Egyptian calligrapher)
  • Client: Misk Art Institute - Misk Art Foundation
  • Date: October 2019
  • Category: Live performance, collaborative art, digital art, immersive art, new media art, live art, experimental art